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Doofor DF530F hydraulic rock drill
High-performance hydraulic rock drill

Doofor DF530F is a hydraulic rock drill with a female, threaded shank. The rock drill uses a separate flushing box with side flushing connection. The typical application for a Doofor DF530F rock drill is bolting and other rock enforcing underground and on the surface.

Technical Data
Nominal power class10 kW
Percussion pressure100–130 bar
(Percussion oil-flow)(45–55 litres/min)
Rotation motor32 cm3
Speed130–300 rpm
Torque (32cm3)*175 Nm
Oil flow*15 litres/min (max. 25 litres/min)
Gear ratio52/17
LubricationAir-oil mist, min. 125 g/h
Flushing air pressure**12 bar
Flushing air flow**1200 litres/min
Flushing water pressure**12 bar
Flushing water flow max.**40 litres/min
Weight65 kg

45 mm

Optimal maximum
hole diameter

10 kW

Power class

R28 female
R32 female
HEX 7/8″ female

Shank size


*) Numbers given are for standard rotation motor (32 cm³) with an intermittent pressure of 140 bar [2031psi]. Motor options are 8 cm³, 12.5 cm³, 20 cm³, 32 cm³, 40 cm³. For professional use only as a component of a hydraulic system.

Feed force (pressure) must be adjustable during operation. Rotation torque and oil flow values given are for a typical rotation motor. See full brochure for detailed information on different rotation motors. Percussion pressure mentioned is a recommended value for a typical application. The product is intended for professional use by skilled personnel. Doofor reserves all rights for changes without prior notice.

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