Nordic pioneer
in the drilling industry

Doofor drills have a long history

The Doofor story started in 1987 when the founder Jaakko Kuusento began operating as a consultant agent. In the beginning, Doofor concentrated on consultancy, advising other manufacturing companies in their business processes. During these years, deep knowledge intensified and interest in hydraulic drills development started to rise. Doofor changed its business idea from advising to manufacturing. Soon after the company started developing hydraulic drills and the first 10kW rock drill with hexagonal chuck, model H522, was launched in 1993.

Already in next year the H522 rock drill became a big success and was sold to various countries in Europe, such as Italy, where they have long traditions in dimensional stone. Rock drills, or drifters, have been delivered also to North-America, United States and to Canada from the very beginning. Since 1993 Doofor has launched several new drills at a fast pace and rock drills have been delivered to all continents.

The founder Jaakko retired in 2003 after developing Doofor drills for more than ten years. Doofor knowhow and ownership transferred to Kuusento family. Jaakko’s son, Kalle Kuusento, owns and runs the company with his talented co-workers. Today Doofor is a unique company with a positive reputation among re-sellers and users, such as miners and builders. All Doofor products are sold worldwide and the company is rapidly growing to become the best drill producer in the world.

Doofor Rock Drills since 1993.