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Doofor DF560G hydraulic impact hammer


Hydraulic impact hammer

Doofor DF560G is a high-frequency hydraulic impact hammer designed for the use of geothermal and other rotation drilling rigs.

The impact hammer has a rapid function control valve with a large surface for a high percussion frequency and optimal shock wave control. The valve optimizes the power distributed by the piston so, that the impact hammer is capable of delivering a full blow force in all hitting points.

The Doofor impact hammers utilize the Doofor – developed trapezoid impact piston, which increases the movement of the impact pulse in the drill tool string. The two high-pressure accumulators and the low number of serviceable parts make the impact hammers’ uptime a long one. The cast iron body is light and rigid. The four bolt connections in the front make the impact hammer easy to install.

Technical Data
Nominal power class20 kW
Percussion pressure130 bar
(percussion oil-flow)(95-120 litres/min)
Piston weight6.5 kg
Weight90 kg

20 kW

Power class

Feed force (pressure) must be adjustable during operation. Rotation torque and oil flow values given are for a typical rotation motor. See full brochure for detailed information on different rotation motors. Percussion pressure mentioned is a recommended value for a typical application. The product is intended for professional use by skilled personnel. Doofor reserves all rights for changes without prior notice.

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