Designed to endure
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Doofor DF550G hydraulic impact hammer
Doofor DF560G hydraulic impact hammer


Hydraulic impact hammers

Doofor DF540G, DF550G, and DF560G are high-frequency hydraulic impact hammers designed for the use of geothermal and other rotation drilling rigs.

The impact hammers have a rapid function control valve with a large surface for a high percussion frequency and optimal shock wave control. The valve optimizes the power distributed by the piston so, that the impact hammer is capable of delivering a full blow force in all hitting points.

The Doofor impact hammers utilize the Doofor – developed trapezoid impact piston, which increases the movement of the impact pulse in the drill tool string. The two high-pressure accumulators and the low number of serviceable parts make the impact hammers’ up time a long one.