Designed to endure demanding environments

Doofor hydraulic rock drills

Product range

DF430X – DF430S – DF430F – DF500X – DF500S – DF530X – DF530S – DF538L – DF540L – DF540L-BLT – 
DF550L – DF550L-2M – DF550L-EXT – DF560L - DF560L-2M – DF560L-EXT

Doofor Inc. designs and manufactures hydraulic rock drifters and original Doofor spare parts. We use the strong Nordic know-how of mining, blasting machine building and the superb ability for very demanding, high precision component manufacturing. Doofor rock drills have been installed in a variety of drill rigs, drill attachments, bolting equipment, rebuilds, and retrofits.

Doofor rock drills utilize Doofor-developed high-frequency technology, which allows fast penetration speed with less strike force. Drilling speed is enhanced with Doofor's trapezoid-shaped piston design which improves the movement of the blow impulse straight to the drill bit. Rock drills can be equipped with different shank adapters, motor sizes and other options. Technical data given is for standard motors.


Doofor advantages

• The rock drill can be installed in any drilling platform
• Special rock drill and impact hammer models for special applications
• Doofor rock drills utilize high quality Danfoss rotation motors
• Suitable spare parts and other complimentary products
to existing range
• Customized solutions according to customer’s needs
• Low-investment-cost replacement program for retrofit customers
• 12 months guarantee against manufacturing faults
• Constantly developing the technology to enhance
product performance


Months guarantee