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Doofor DF538L offers strong torque in a compact design

Doofor Inc. presented it new rock drill, namely the Doofor DF538L in Intermat, Paris. The new drifter is classed as a 13 kW rock drill, which makes it a very effective miner for up to 57 mm diameter drill holes in hard rock. The rock drill has two OMM-type rotation motors. With two motors the rock drill can have – along with high RPM – a relatively high torque of 300 Nm. The rock drill is a new version of the well-known Doofor DF538S.

For more information, please see the DF538L product information page.

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Hydraulic drilling machine with little effort

Besides offering its customers reliable rock drills, Doofor now introduces the market to a hydraulic rock drill feed system component kit. With the component kit, a professional can build a rock drill feed system in limited time, limited investment and with little effort. The component kit includes - upon request - a hydraulic Doofor rock drill, hydraulic valve block, DF feed profile of anodized aluminum, carriage plate for the rock drill with sliders, drill steel guides, drill steel retainer, durable feed chain, hydraulic feed motor and safety covers as well as all necessary casings.

The feed system can be used to operate the following Doofor rock drills: DF430X, DF430S, DF430F, DF500X, DF500S, DF530X, DF530S, and DF538L.

The feed system component kit is marketed to companies possessing necessary skills for building a safe and adequate drilling equipment. Our rock drill specialists are happy to give more information on the kit and the appropriate rock drills.

Feed attachement made from the component kit in an Avant loader

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Busy at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2017

Thank you for visiting us in CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. See you next time!

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