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Hydraulic rock drills and drifters

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High-performance hydraulic rock drill

Doofor DF560L-EXT is a high-frequency hydraulic rock drill specially designed for underground production drilling and tunneling. The DF560L-EXT has a very low overhead, only 84mm from the drill center line. The rotation motor of the DF560L-EXT can be installed on the right-hand or the left-hand side. The rock drill has a separated flushing box. Flushing media can be water or air. Flushing parts are available in bronze or in plastic to avoid corrosion caused by saline water. EXT-version is for back hammering to break drill strings and for removing stuck drill steels from the rock.

Optimal maximum hole diameter for the DF560L-EXT is 89mm [3 ½”].

The rock drill can be equipped with shank adapters (striker bars) R38, T38, and T45. It can be equipped with stainless steel, separated flushing head for underground mining, bolting, and grouting.

The DF560L-EXT can be equipped with heat resistant sealing for tap hole drilling.

Doofor DF560L hydraulic rock drill
 Technical Data
 Percussion power  20 kW
 Percussion pressure  150 bar
 (oil flow)  (110-130 litres/min)
 Rotation motor*  
 Speed max.  250 rpm
 Torque*  975 Nm
 Oil flow max.*  65 litres/min
 Gear ratio  65/40
 Lubrication  Air-oil mist, min. 200 g/h
 Flushing air pressure  5–7 bar
 Flushing air flow  4000 litres/min
 Flushing water flow  150 litres/min
 Weight  170 kg



89 mm
Optimal maximum
hole diameter
20 kW
Power class
Shank size